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The Programs of Chateau Vista and Associates

Where the dream of owning or leasing a horse becomes reality...


Chateau Vista Farm works diligently alongside Chateau Vista Show Jumpers and Team Monserrate Equestrian to find and provide trainers and clients with their next equine athlete to fit every need from weanling prospects, affordable mid-line show mounts, seasoned amateur show horses, to your next international show jumper. Whether trainers have riders who are just wanting a horse to brush and take lessons with, or are practicing, leasing, or looking to purchase a horse, Chateau Vista Farm always has a quality selection of mounts available for your consideration in different farm or program categories, from beginner rider horses to Grand Prix winners. Each horse has a special role in the past, present, and future of Chateau Vista Farm, LLC and Associates, touching many lives over the years with numerous tri-colors in the show ring to producing the Farm's next top international foals. Check back often here and our sister sites for new horses. This is not a complete list of the horses and foals that are available or a part of Chateau Vista Farm, LLC, Chateau Vista Show Jumpers, or Team Monserrate Equestrian and Associates. Some of the horses that are listed on each of these sites are not currently offered for consideration. Inquire about our horses available on our Contact page located in the menu above. The farm category each horse is currently apart of is part of their name. Be sure to check out our sister sites with the largest selections: Chateau Vista Show Jumpers for more information on our boutique of sporthorses available and Team Monserrate Equestrian for your consideration of the finest selection of top international Warmblood imports.

Chateau Vista Show Jumpers Logo

Chateau Vista Show Jumpers

An American Elite Sporthorse Boutique...

Chateau Vista Show Jumpers offer the finest selection of American-based show jumpers, hunters, and equitation sporthorses for your consideration. Talented horses are carefully selected for show ring success in North America and through expert connections all around the nation, we have a rich supply of quality horses available making Chateau Vista Show Jumpers Iowa's premier sporthorse boutique.

Team Monserrate Equestrian

From Overseas To Within Your Reach...

Team Monserrate Equestrian offers some of the most elite and talented, imported warmblood show jumpers, hunters, and equitation horses for your consideration. Through routine international buying trips and close connections with contacts in Europe, Asia, and South America, our imported athletes are chosen for the betterment of North American sport and blood. It is the Team's goal to bring exquisite international bloodlines from overseas to within your reach.

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Equisport Forge and Farriery

Equisport Forge and Farriery

Forging the Foundation for Success...

Matt Monserrate of Equisport Forge and Farriery has developed a performance-specific training and shoeing schedule for the competition horses and entire Team as sole-owner and trained Farrier of Equisport Forge and Farriery. While still shoeing the Team's international horses, EFAF reaches out to the equestrian community to make the smallest of dreams come true. Equisport FAF routinely has a revolving string of adoptable equines through volunteer and non-profit working networks throughout the entire state and beyond of animals that need loving new homes with an emphasis on good hoof care. EFAF is forging the foundation for success by shoeing today for the miracle tomorrow, even if that miracle is just a sound walk down the path.

CVL Monserrate Stud International

For Breeding and Raising America's Elite...

CVL Monserrate Stud International is an American elite station and stud farm founded to set prestigious standards for sport horse breeders in America by integrating elite international Warmblood bloodlines to ultimately produce American bred and raised upper-level prospects.


Current  Horses

Below the names of horses and the current program the horse designated to. Click on the photos for more information about each horse...

Chateau Vista and Associates Horses Past and Present Compilation

Chateau Vista and Associates Horses Past and Present Compilation

Chateau Vista and Associates Horses Past and Present Compilation