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Chateau Vista Farm's  Schedule

Preparing for the future...


Chateau Vista Farm's team works to create a schedule to suit the needs of our stock each year. Some years our schedule is lighter then others depending on each year's horses and individual needs. This schedule is only for our Farm string of horses and does not include our associates or other branch string's events calendar as we are separate business entities and often times go to separate events on the same dates. This is a tentative schedule for our Farm's breeding/young stock and is subject to change. We are looking forward to our upcoming events.

Show Loot

2024 Calendar of Events
Subject to change...

  1. Mid March 2024-Huntermark Spring Warmup I-Milan, Illinois

  2. Early April 2024-Huntermark Spring Warmup II-Milan, Illinois

  3. 4/18/-4/21/2024-Urban Equine Events Omaha Equestrian Preview-Elkhorn, Nebraska

  4. End of April 2024-Phoenix Equestrian Center-Bellevue, Nebraska

  5. Mid May 2024-Huntermark Farm Summer Series I MiHJA-Milan, Illinois

  6. End of May 2024-Phoenix Equestrian Center-Bellevue, Nebraska

  7. First of June 2024-Springtime Sunshine at Quail Run-Elkhorn, Nebraska

  8. Mid June 2024-Midstates Summerfest-Mason City, Iowa

  9. Mid June 2024-Midstates Summer-Mason City, Iowa

  10. End of June 2024-Phoenix Equestrian Center-Bellevue, Nebraska

  11. End of July 2024- Valley Park Stables B Show-Des Moines, Iowa

  12. First of August 2024-Maffitt Lake Two Rivers Summer Festival I-Cumming, Iowa

  13. Mid August 2024-Maffitt Lake Two Rivers Summer Festival II-Cumming, Iowa

  14. Mid August-Huntermark Farm Summer Series II MiHJA-Milan, Illinois

  15. End of August 2024-Phoenix Equestrian Center-Bellevue, Nebraska

  16. End of Aug-First of September 2024-End of Summer at Quail Run-Elkhorn, Nebraska

  17. Mid September 2024-St Louis National Charity Horse Show-St Louis, Missouri

  18. Mid September 2024-Huntermark Farm Summer Series III Fall Festival MiHJA-Milan, Illinois

  19. September 2024-Indian Summer In Elkhorn-Elkhorn, Nebraska

  20. Mid September 2024-Midstates Fall-Mason City, Iowa

  21. End of September 2024-Phoenix Equestrian Center-Bellevue, Nebraska

  22. Early October 2024- Equine Reproduction Continuing Education Seminar-Wynnewood, Oklahoma

  23. Early November 2024-Archway Fall Classic St Louis I-St Louis, Missouri

  24. Mid November 2024-Archway Fall Classic St Louis II-St Louis, Missouri


“Thank you for: Everything. That you have done and continue to do for us."

-Lincoln L. Happy Parent

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